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I have created a Cousin Russ Genealogy Community on Google+. Part of that community will be about the use of the Family Tree Maker program. Please come on over and join. (Thank you)

I have started to use Google+ and the Hangout On Air feature where I can record Videos. Here is a link to the Videos that have been recorded

Family Tree Maker and other Videos on YouTube

Over time, I will post links to Training Videos, Webinars, and other training material for the Family Tree Maker program. Will try to group these links by Webinars, You Tube Channels, and Help Links for Family Tree Maker.

  • Dear MYRTLE
  • Collaboration
  • Genealogy Tool Box
  • File Migration Tool has a You Tube Channel with some short You Tube videos on Family Tree Maker. To get there, you go to the Learning Center, at, clicking on Family History 101, and on the right is their You Tube Channel. On their Channel is a Family Tree Maker Play List. has posted a number of Webinars on the Family Tree Maker program. The list of Webinars are here: Scrolling down the list you will find these topics.
Another resource is the Learning Center at

The FTM2012 Tutorials are here: The topics are in a window on the Left

The Quick Start Guide is here:

The Family Tree Maker blog contains the latest company news and articles about using Family Tree Maker. If you want to know when the next webinar is or learn more about using the product, check the blog. And don’t forget to leave your own comments and questions.

Family Tree Maker Tips and Tricks


I have learned much about Genealogy and Family Research from Dear MYRTLE over the years. I listened to her awesome podcasts over time. She has also done great Webinar's on the same topics. In one of our joint "on the web" / screen sharing dialogs we determined that we were cousins. How great is that? One of our adventures of file sharing turned into what is the BetterGEDCOM project, and the associated Wiki and Blog. We were not able to successfully share our research.

In return for all that I have learned from Dear Myrt, I have been able to return some one-on-one webinars on the use of Family Tree Maker. They are on her Blog. Here are links to the Topics that we have covered so far:
Please visit her Blog and view these videos. She has details of each on these links and there are links to the videos, either to download or view online.


With FTM2012, FTM2014 and the ability to use the TreeSync™ feature in these versions, we have the ability to keep our Ancestry Member Trees (AMT) in sync with what we have on our computer. Dear Myrtle has several discussions about this feature as well. Here are a couple of helpful links that provide some more detail to help US do some research collaboration.

Genealogy Toolbox - Ben Sayer

This website has a number of video's created by Ben Sayer on the use of the Family Tree Maker program. Please visit his website and look at the programs he has published videos on, it's in the right column.

Ben and I had a conversation about the Family Tree Maker Version 2012 TreeSync™ feature and it recorded here:

File Migration Utility

The Family Tree Maker File Migration Utility converts Family Tree Maker Windows files so they can be opened on a Mac (and vice versa)

Help Links:

FTM 2012 Support:

FTM Blog:

FTM 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 Knowledge base:

FTM up to 16 Knowledge base and support:

FTM-Tech (Where all the high end users hang out): FTM- another help posting site: Online Family Tree, My Canvas, FTM, etc: Blog –Great site for help on online matters:

Webinars You Tube Channel:

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Family Tree Maker 2012: Tools
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How to accept a hint to ensure you'll keep going (advice on ensuring the hint is really related to the right person.
Those shaky leaves on Trees and in Family Tree Maker lead to a lot of great records. But, is that all there is? Join Crista as she explains how the hinting system works...
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Family Tree Maker articles from the Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Family Tree Maker: New and Improved Features for 2014 with a 30% Presale Discount Redesigns App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

More Information about Family Tree Maker 2014

Jesso George - You Tube Channel:

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